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Batching Bootcamp

All videos for The Batching Boot Camp are available November 9th. Sign up now to get training material directly in your inbox. 

Content Creation doesn't have to be difficult, time consuming, or overwhelming

As a busy coach or service provider you may feel like you don't have time to give your best to your clients and family AND create content every day. 

BUT you know you need content to build your authority and brand loyalty. You need content to grow your audience and have them trust you. Unfortunately, showing up consistently on multiple platforms is impossible for a small business owner like you, right?! WRONG!

Batching your content is the only way you can GUARANTEE consistency with your content. The reality is you waste far more time creating content daily and the impact of your message is greatly diminished.

Its time to get your extreme batching strategy on lock! 

In this training, you'll learn:


Content Planning

You can't batch content if you don't have ideas. You will learn the fastest ways to get content ideas and how to pick the best ones for your business.  


Prepping for an effective batch day

If you want to get the most done on your scheduled batch day you have to prep accordingly. I'll show you exactly how you can prepare for your batch day no matter what content you are planning to create.  



Now that you are planned and prepped its time to get stuff done! You're going to get an exclusive look into my batch day and apply three important principles to guarantee your batch is a success! 

You Need a Solid Content Batching Strategy:

  • If you know all the social media strategies but still can't seem to post regularly for your own business.
  • If you're tired of spending hours a week on content creation 
  • If your personal space has been invaded by tiny coworkers (thanks 2020) that have zero respect for your creative time.
  • If content creation takes you away from revenue generating projects and taking on new clients. 

A Note From Your Instructor...

Hi I'm Gwendolyn!

I'm the founder of Simplified Content. As a busy business owner, wife and mom of two, I know the struggles with balancing home life and clients. 

When I first started my business my kids were not in school and I had no consistent child care. My time spent on my business always went to my clients which meant I never had time to GROW the business. Especially since ONE youtube video would take me over three hours to create.

I knew I couldn't show up for my audience consistently. I had what I like to call "creation burnout". I was out of time and out of ideas on how to make it work. So I stopped posting content altogether for over six months! 

Finally, I came up with a system for creating content for my Youtube channel, Facebook page, Facebook group, emails, Instagram AND LinkedIn with less than 2 hours per month of work! 

Now I have time to actually connect with my audience, to take on more clients, and even take a vacation! My content goes out whether I'm available or not. I want to share that freedom with you and batching is a HUGE part of that. Join the training. I'll see you inside!

Batching Bootcamp

All videos for The Batching Boot Camp are available November 9th. Sign up now to get training material directly in your inbox. 


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